Getting Your Model Release Form

Owing to the ever increasing demand for royalty free and licensed images of African People traversing different works of life, at different stages and scenarios, especially for editorial purposes by various users, we recommend binding model releases as our standard criteria for sales of photo images of people.

Model releases are very important and you often times need one. It is important that if your images are for commercial use then you might need a model or property release. This is a signed permission from an individual, or owner of a property, giving permission for a photograph or footage (in which they or the property appear) to be used commercially. You can create yours or use our simple form which we have prepared for you. But it is your responsibility to ensure that you protect your images.

We can still sell images that don’t have releases but these images can only be used for editorial uses (newspapers, magazines, books) which limits you. So your images are not going to be sold they are only used as references or illustrations in books, magazines or newspapers. With model releases you can sell your images to commercial and editorial customers- this is when your images are used to advertise or promote something else or a product. For this purpose you need a model release.

To download Bantu Photos model release form, Click Here

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  • Oluwatobi
    Feb 26,2018 at 9:05 pm

    Can’t I make money from the pictures I upload on Bantu Photos without the Model release form?

    • admin
      Mar 13,2018 at 10:28 am

      Hi Oluwatobi, if your images are for commercial use then you need a model release but, if they’re for editorial use (newspapers, magazine, books etc) you won’t be needing a model release because your images won’t be sold. They will be used as references in newspapers, magazines or books.

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