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So you want to make money from your pictures? Other than the technical aspects of photography, knowing what sells and knowing what the buyers wants is absolutely important. Here are a few tips which can help;

First, do your research. Visit numerous stock photography sites, look through newsprints, magazines and see what is trending. Try to find out what people are really interested in and what they are actually buying.

Go to Events- concerts, festivals, weddings, parties. Take pictures of almost anything- the cake, the deco, the food, hats, shoes, jewelry- and yes the people. Everything sells. Just make sure you take what is unique about the subject. Be strategic and unique!
Get around- go and visit family and friends and travel. This will provide you with many photo opportunities- whether it’s going to the market, the beach, or a park.

Africa is known for its diversity, colour and vibrancy. This is often not portrayed. So take pictures of people in offices, in technology, on the phone, in meetings just doing simple mundane things will sell. Pictures with people always sell. But don’t forget your model release form.

So no excuses. Get busy and lets’ tell our own African stories.

For more information on how to upload, please contact customerservices@bantuphotos.com

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