Extension to the Call for Entries to April 18th 2018 – A Day in a life of Africa

A Day in the Life in Africa campaign is about changing the African narrative. Changing how the continent is often perceived. Showing that we exist- work, love and play outside of wars, famine, and poverty. Showing that there is progress and enterprise in spite of the daily struggle and strife.

We began the 8 week call for entries December 18th 2017, with a plan to end in February 18th 2018. The call for entries is simple- load 20 or more images on Africans working- in health, technology, education, media, events or finance and stand a chance to win up to $2,000. So far, no clear winner or winners have emerged.

We want to ensure that all our contributors are given every opportunity to participate fully. We will not compromise on the ultimate objective of the competition, which is to tell our unique African stories through our own voices.

For more information on how to participate, please go to www.bantuphotos.com

For more information on how to upload, contact customerservice@bantuphotos.com

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