Guidelines for Uploading Images on Bantu Photos

Now that you have registered and activated your account what are you waiting for?
Uploading images from your dashboard is very straight forward. However, there are guidelines to be followed to prevent image rejection from our automated system.

As a Bantu photo contributor, you stand a better chance of having your images accepted when they are up to 10 Mega pixels in size. Higher resolution images have a much wider range of applications and therefore offer better chances of the contributor selling more images. The recommended output resolution for stock images is 300 dpi. To the very least, Bantu photo contributors must ensure their images are good enough for corporate/commercial use. Images must be in focus, properly balanced in colour and free from flaws such as noise, lens flare, color fringing, sensor dust etc.

Uploading a good image increases your search index leading to more appearance in search results and more image downloads.

To read more about guidelines for uploading images on bantu photos, goto

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